Municipal Engineering

The Foundation of Our Business

In Northern California, Coastland | DCCM is well known for our contract engineering services. It is why more than 50 communities work with us. As a contract City Engineer or District Engineer, Coastland | DCCM provides reliable experienced extensions to your staff, helping to execute a wide range of services in these budget-constrained times.

  • Contract staffing, staff augmentation

  • Program, project management

  • Development review, processing, impact fees

  • Plan, map review

  • CIP development, maintenance

  • Planning, design, construction, inspection

  • Master plan, feasibility studies, budgeting, long-range planning

  • Assessment district management

  • Emergency response, disaster recovery

  • State/federal project processing, coordination, approvals

  • Pavement Management Programs (PMP) and rehablilitation

  • Construction and design standards

  • Public outreach, presentations to council

  • Permit processing and agency approvals

  • Flood plain management

  • Digital mapping and drafting

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