Building Safety

Ongoing Commitment to Safety and Professionalism

Coastland | DCCM offers comprehensive Building Department solutions, catering to various staffing needs from full representation to part-time services. Our team includes registered engineers, architects, building officials, Certified Access Specialists (CASp), and other credentialed professionals, ensuring professionalism at every level. We prioritize staying abreast of evolving regulations through continuous education.

With a focus on municipal engineering and building services, we specialize in ADA compliance and regularly prepare, implement, and enforce ADA Transition Plans. Our CASp-certified specialists guarantee full compliance with ADA and California Building Code requirements, addressing accessibility issues daily. Through collaboration between our Engineering and Building Services Divisions, we assist agencies in promoting equality and identifying priority accessibility improvements, mitigating risk and liability.

Coastland | DCCM is a trusted third-party provider approved by numerous agencies across Northern California. As building departments prioritize top-tier customer service while adhering to safety codes, they often encounter challenges in meeting turnaround times due to heavy workloads and staffing constraints, particularly during peak building seasons. To address this, many cities and counties have implemented third-party plan review and inspection programs. Coastland | DCCM stands out as a recognized provider in this regard, offering direct plan review and inspection services to applicants. With their experienced team adept at handling various projects, interested parties can rely on them for assistance, details, rates, and a comprehensive list of approved jurisdictions.

Trust us to manage the complexities of your project, so you can focus on achieving your vision with confidence. Explore our tailored local solutions or see DCCM’s comprehensive services that can make your project a success.

  • Staff augmentation

  • Contract plan review & inspection

  • 3rd party plan review & inspection

  • Fire & building code consultation

  • Code enforcement

  • Code adoption ordinances & amendments

  • Accessibility plan review & certified inspection reports

  • Certified Access Specialist (CASp) consultation

  • Certified compliance audits & barrier removal strategies

  • Design development code consultation

  • Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) review

  • Floodplain administration

  • Seismic strengthening ordinances

  • Permit processing & tracking

  • OSPHD certified plan review & inspection services

  • ADA self-evaluation & transition plans

  • Sidewalk & curb ramp replacement programs

  • Repair strategies & engineering design

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