City of American Canyon - Development Review/On-Call Support

Coastland provides on-call capital project design, construction management, inspection and development engineering / plan check services for American Canyon’s Community Development Department. Development and city engineering related services include the following on an as-needed basis:

· Review of tentative maps, conditional use permits, use permits, parcel maps and other entitlement applications for proposed developments, make recommendations and prepare conditions of approval.

· Check improvement plans to ensure compliance with conditions of approval, good engineering practices & City Standards.

· Check parcel and subdivision maps for compliance with City Standards and the Subdivision Map Act.

· Review easements and/or dedications for accuracy & conformance to City requirements.

· Attend meetings with applicants and/or developers to discuss development projects, concerns, conditions of approval.

· Attend City meetings with Planning, Engineering and other departments, as needed, to discuss proposed developments

· Assessment Districts