Verdera North Water Infrastructure

City of Lincolnville, California

The purpose of the Verdera North Water Infrastructure project is to provide the City with adequate storage and supply of water to accommodate growth and to enhance reliability to the City’s existing citizens by providing redundancy to the City’s existing system. The project consisted of a 5-MG prestressed-concrete tank, a pad for a future 5-MG tank, 4,000 feet of 36-inch pipeline, 933 feet of 16-inch pipeline to high elevation customers, a sewer pump station and force main, a recreation trail, filling an abandoned 7-acre municipal water storage pond and extensive oak tree mitigation planting.

Coastland | DCCM provided project management services from project inception through construction, including developing project budgets, consultant selection (engineering and construction management), preliminary design studies, design oversight, bidding and award, SCADA, construction, and operational start-up. 

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