Skyway Corridor

Town of Paradise, California

Coastland | DCCM is currently assisting the Town of Paradise with transportation projects focused on rebuilding roads and adding evacuation routes. Specifically, the Town is using state and federal funds (ATP and CDBG) to widen segments of the Skyway (the Town’s main arterial roadway) to add emergency evacuation lanes on the roadway and to construct a parallel Class 1 bike/pedestrian trail that is also capable of accommodating emergency vehicles during evacuations. The bike/pedestrian trail will be used to get emergency vehicles to the incident areas while the new evacuation lanes will be used to evacuate residents from the area. The DCCM team is providing engineering design (PS&E), environmental review and permitting, surveying, geotechnical, traffic signal design, and right-of- way acquisition following FHWA, HUD and State of California requirements. Special coordination is required during design to account for simultaneous efforts within the project footprint by PG&E (electric utility company) who is designing and constructing new underground electric infrastructure to replace damaged overhead systems. This work is being done under a $5M, 5-year on-call contract.

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