Lucas Valley Road Curve Realignment

County of Marin, California

Coastland | DCCM provided construction management and inspection services to Marin County for the Lucas Valley Road Curve Realignment Project. Services on this HSIP funded project included constructability review, construction contract administration, quality assurance and inspection, material testing, and public outreach. 

The public safety improvement significantly softened the sharp turn, which had been the site of several vehicle incidents over the years.  The Project realigned the curve on Lucas Valley Road at milepost 5.08, just east of Big Rock trailhead in West Marin.  A soldier pile retaining wall with precast concrete lagging was installed on the downhill side of the turn.  The project also included modifications to storm drain infrastructure and the installation of a safety barrier and guardrail.   Site restoration included planting to mitigate construction impacts. Activities in support of construction included public outreach, traffic controls, locating existing utilities by potholing, erosion control, and water pollution control.  Construction was completed in 2022 for the budgeted construction cost of $1.8 million. 

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