Linda Avenue Bulb-outs

City of Piedmont, California

Coastland | DCCM provided design services for the Linda Avenue Bulb-out project, which included pedestrian-actuated flashing beacons. The City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan identified several locations as high-priority locations for installation of enhanced pedestrian crossings to provide better pedestrian safety. Two locations included crosswalks on Linda Avenue in front of Beach Elementary Schools and City tennis courts.  Improvements associated with the project included installation of bulb-outs at two locations and edge lit flashing pedestrian activated crossing signs at each of the two crossings, as well as striping improvements on Linda Avenue to include bicycle lane/routes that connected to existing bicycle lanes in the City of Oakland. The bulb-outs now provide significantly safer crossings at these locations and bicycle lane striping has promoted traffic calming due to narrower lanes.

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