Lincoln-Penryn PCWA Pipeline Phase 2

City of Lincoln, California

As part of the ongoing Engineering Support services provided to the City of Lincoln, Coastland | DCCM managed the design and construction phases of the Lincoln-Penryn PCWA Pipeline Phase 3 Project. This Project involved construction of a 1.2 mile long 42-inch diameter water transmission pipeline along the highest elevations in eastern Lincoln and a structure designed to measure the amount of water delivered to the City from Placer County Water Agency (PCWA). 

Coastland | DCCM’s project management services included reviewing design documents and providing comments, reviewing right-of-way acquisitions needed and coordinating the acquisition for the remaining easements, monitoring project budget and schedule, and attending City Council, jurisdictional agency and public relations meetings. 

The City of Lincoln worked closely with PCWA to construct this key piece of infrastructure to ensure the City has adequate water supplies. Over the past two decades, PCWA and the City have been constructing new facilities, including water distribution pipelines and storage tanks, to increase the volume of treated surface water that PCWA can provide to the City to meet anticipated future demands. These new facilities are collectively known as the Penryn-Lincoln Pipeline. The total project cost was approximately $8.4 million. 

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