FEMA/CALEMA Erosion Control Projects

County of Napa, California

Coastland | DCCM currently provides civil engineering services for the repair of several FEMA and State funded flood repair projects throughout Napa County. These projects include the design and construction of repairs to County roads and bridges that were damaged during severe rainstorms. The rainstorms saturated soil and flooded drainage channels which caused road slides and stream channel erosion at bridge structures.

The design of the repairs follow FEMA funding guidelines and requirements including performing geotechnical evaluations, evaluating design alternatives, designing soldier pile retaining walls with tiebacks and reconstructing the damaged roadways. Improvements include stabilizing the slides, reconstructing the roadway to conform to the existing road in both width and structural section and addressing local surface and subsurface drainage.

The projects Coastland | DCCM has designed to date include the following:

  • Westgate Bridge over Milliken Creek
  • Whitehall Lane FEMA Road Repair
  • Diamond Mountain Roadway Repair
  • 4700 Block Redwood Road Slide Repair
  • 4800 Block Redwood Road Slide Repair, Phases 1 & 2
  • White Sulphur Springs Flood Repair (CalEMA)

Coastland’s responsibilities include project management, designing the improvements, preparation of PS&E and construction administration. Coastland also completed the construction management and inspection services associated with these projects.

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