East Blithedale Avenue Rehabilitation

City of Mill Valley, California

East Blithedale Avenue is a vital arterial corridor in the City of Mill Valley that links the downtown area to US Highway 101 and is the northern gateway into the City’s residential, school, and business areas. Coastland | DCCM’s Construction Management and Inspection team has been involved in the East Blithedale Avenue Rehabilitation Project from the beginning, first conducting a constructability review for the project and assisting the City with the Caltrans encroachment permit application, and currently providing construction management and inspection services for the project. 

East Blithedale Avenue provides multimodal access to transit and nearby schools, parks, trails, recreation facilities, and businesses and is also the primary emergency response and resident evacuation route for much of the city’s population. This critical roadway also experiences frequent traffic congestion during the peak periods. Given the importance of this roadway to the community this project has garnered a high level of public attention and is one of the most sensitive Public Works projects undertaken in Mill Valley. 

The project includes major pavement rehabilitation, upgrading and replacing sanitary sewer pipe and other public utility infrastructure within the roadway easement, new curb, gutter, and sidewalk, including ADA-compliant upgrades, installation of new bike lanes, and upgrades to existing traffic signals. The project will result in improved circulation and safer access to local residential areas, schools and businesses. 

Coastland | DCCM’s construction management and inspection efforts focus largely on effective, efficient and consistent communication between the City, the contractor and the community, including bike riders, pedestrians, and businesses affected by project construction in order to anticipate and avoid disruptions. Coastland | DCCM provides contractor safety oversight with construction safety for their labor force and the public and  ensures traffic control plans are implemented per the approved submittal, to ensure ADA compliance, and pedestrian and motorist safety. 

Coastland | DCCM staff provides Contractor oversight to ensure the City receives quality workmanship and finished product conforming with the project plans and specifications. Vital to the ongoing success of this project has been Coastland | DCCM’s ability to keep city staff informed regarding costs, anticipated issues and project changes, public relations, and construction progress. 

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