Coffey Park and Fountaingrove Neighborhood Road Fire Disaster Recovery

City of Santa Rosa, California

Coastland | DCCM is providing construction management and inspection services to the City of Santa Rosa for the Coffey Park and Fountaingrove Neighborhood Road Disaster Recovery project. This project includes rehabilitation of approximately 33 miles of City residential streets that were damaged as result of debris removal activities in the Coffey Park and Fountaingrove neighborhoods following the 2017 Tubbs Fire. The project involves mill and fill asphalt replacement and digout repairs with a slurry seal depending on specific roadway conditions. The project also includes removal and replacement of concrete sidewalk, curb and gutters and replacement of curb ramps on streets that require modification to meet ADA compliance, as well as the restoration of traffic striping and markers.

As part of this project Coastland | DCCM is overseeing traffic management, including ADA-compliant pedestrian access, temporary construction signs, placement of Portable Changeable Message Signs (PCMS), flagging and traffic controls and signage. Traffic control requirements differ between the two neighborhoods, each of which have different constraints, and our team is actively involved in the development of specific traffic control plans. Our inspection staff is monitoring the contractor’s implementation and maintenance of stormwater pollution controls measures and we are providing support to City staff who are overseeing public outreach and materials testing services for this project.  

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