Paradise Skyway Corridor

Skyway Corridor Town of Paradise, California Coastland | DCCM is currently assisting the Town of Paradise with transportation projects focused on rebuilding roads and adding evacuation routes. Specifically, the Town is using state and federal funds (ATP and CDBG) to widen segments of the Skyway (the Town’s main arterial roadway) to add emergency evacuation lanes on the roadway and to construct a parallel Class 1 bike/pedestrian trail that is also capable of accommodating emergency vehicles during evacuations. The bike/pedestrian trail will be used to get emergency vehicles to the incident areas while the new evacuation lanes will be used to evacuate residents from the area. The DCCM team is providing engineering design (PS&E), environmental review and permitting, surveying, geotechnical, traffic signal design, and right-of- way acquisition following FHWA, HUD and State of California requirements. Special coordination is required during design to account for simultaneous efforts within the project footprint by PG&E (electric utility company) who is designing and constructing new underground electric infrastructure to replace damaged overhead systems. This work is being done under a $5M, 5-year on-call contract.

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View looking Linda Avenue showing crosswalk with pedestrian safety features

Linda Avenue Bulb-outs

Linda Avenue Bulb-outs City of Piedmont, California Coastland | DCCM provided design services for the Linda Avenue Bulb-out project, which included pedestrian-actuated flashing beacons. The City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan identified several locations as high-priority locations for installation of enhanced pedestrian crossings to provide better pedestrian safety. Two locations included crosswalks on Linda Avenue in front of Beach Elementary Schools and City tennis courts.  Improvements associated with the project included installation of bulb-outs at two locations and edge lit flashing pedestrian activated crossing signs at each of the two crossings, as well as striping improvements on Linda Avenue to include bicycle lane/routes that connected to existing bicycle lanes in the City of Oakland. The bulb-outs now provide significantly safer crossings at these locations and bicycle lane striping has promoted traffic calming due to narrower lanes.

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Aerial view of the City of Grass Valley East Main/Idaho-Maryland Roundabout

East Main/Idaho-Maryland Roundabout

East Main/Idaho-Maryland Roundabout City of Grass Valley, California Grass Valley’s East Main/Idaho-Maryland Roundabout is located at the intersection of two prominent urban roadways with one leg accessing State 20/49 Freeway. It was uniquely designed with one– and two-lane segments. The project has received a very positive response from the community. The team of W-Trans and Coastland | DCCM completed the design for this project. Coastland | DCCM provided civil design; drainage analysis and design; utility mapping and coordination; right-of-way needs identification; pavement design; and assistance to the City in obtaining regulatory permits and approvals. One leg of the intersection provides access to SR 20, so the design was coordinated with and processed through Caltrans. Coastland | DCCM also assisted the City with supplemental inspection services during construction.

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Old Redwood Highway Bicycle & Pedestrian Enhancements

Old Redwood Highway Bicycle & Pedestrian Enhancements Town of Windsor, California Coastland | DCCM designed and managed a team of subconsultants on this project which provides connectivity for pedestrian and bicycle movements through the US101 interchange with Old Redwood Hwy. Other improvements included median islands, landscaping, pavement widening, pavement repair and an overlay over the length of the project. Pedestrian improvements include two new pedestrian signal phases, approximately 400 linear feet of sidewalk, 13 ADA curb ramps, six standard crosswalks, one enhanced/raised crosswalk, and 12 countdown pedestrian signal heads.  The new crossings and raised crosswalk provide a more direct route for pedestrians and improve safety at the on-ramp by increasing visibility. New bicycle facilities include approximately 2,500 linear feet of Class II bike lanes enhanced with colored asphalt, lane detector loops, and retrofit of drainage grates.  Bike facilities on ORH closed the gap between existing facilities on each side of the US 101 interchange. Drone photo courtesy of W-Trans.

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Aerial view of the Hauser Bridge in Sonoma County

Hauser Bridge

Hauser Bridge County of Sonoma, Transportation & Public Works Coastland | DCCM supported the OPAC team on the design of the Hauser Bridge replacement project in Sonoma County. The project consists of replacing the one-lane bridge over the South Fork of the Gualala River with a two-lane, 29-foot-wide and 165-foot-long steel bridge.  The new bridge will be adjacent to the existing bridge, and will provide two lanes designed to meet current standards. Coastland | DCCM’s role included roadway and drainage design on the bridge and approaches, hydraulic engineering and utility relocations. This is one of many Sonoma County bridges currently being designed by our team.

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Street view looking across intersection at Lincoln Boulevard

Lincoln Boulevard Repaving​

Lincoln Boulevard Repaving City of Lincolnville, California The City of Lincoln has planned for a repaving project on Lincoln Boulevard from the Auburn Ravine bridge to Sterling Parkway. Coastland | DCCM provided design, plans, specifications and estimates for construction. During construction Coastland | DCCM provided engineering support to assist the City.   The project consisted of performing full-width pavement grinding, construction of structural pavement patch repairs, placement of a rubberized chip seal Stress-Absorbing Membrane Interlayer (SAMI-R), and construction of a rubberized hot mix overlay (RHMA-G) per State Standard Specifications, as well as replacement of concrete curb, gutter and sidewalk access ramps, modification of traffic signal pedestrian push buttons and posts, replacement of traffic signal detector loops and handholes, and installation of new pavement delineation and markings. Project work was performed on a City arterial roadway within City public rights of way and easements. 

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