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Piedmont Contract City Engineer

Contract City Engineer City of Piedmont, California Since becoming the City of Piedmont’s contract City Engineer in 2011, Coastland | DCCM’s services to the City include as-needed attendance at coordination and City Council meetings, answering public inquiries, and managing the City’s capital improvement program. Coastland | DCCM provides capital project oversight, design, bidding assistance and construction management and inspection services. Services also include coordination and approvals through Caltrans Local Assistance.  The City is committed to increasing transportation choices for residents and reducing dependency on automobiles. High priority projects will aim to keep the City safe and pedestrian friendly, improve bike routes and bus services, and provide safe and feasible transportation alternatives.  To date, Coastland | DCCM has provided project administration, design, construction management and inspection for over 50 capital projects. Coastland | DCCM is currently working with the City to update the Pavement Management Program (PMP) by performing complete inspections of the City’s arterial and collector streets.  Coastland | DCCM has also provided contract Building Department Services to the City of Piedmont since 2011. Our services include processing and tracking of all building permits, maintaining building department records, tracking of all plan reviews, performing plan checks, building inspection and code enforcement. Many plan check projects have been high-end residential homes. Plan checks include reviews for structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, access, architectural, and energy code compliance. 

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Lincoln-Penryn PCWA Pipeline Phase 2

Lincoln-Penryn PCWA Pipeline Phase 2 City of Lincoln, California As part of the ongoing Engineering Support services provided to the City of Lincoln, Coastland | DCCM managed the design and construction phases of the Lincoln-Penryn PCWA Pipeline Phase 3 Project. This Project involved construction of a 1.2 mile long 42-inch diameter water transmission pipeline along the highest elevations in eastern Lincoln and a structure designed to measure the amount of water delivered to the City from Placer County Water Agency (PCWA).  Coastland | DCCM’s project management services included reviewing design documents and providing comments, reviewing right-of-way acquisitions needed and coordinating the acquisition for the remaining easements, monitoring project budget and schedule, and attending City Council, jurisdictional agency and public relations meetings.  The City of Lincoln worked closely with PCWA to construct this key piece of infrastructure to ensure the City has adequate water supplies. Over the past two decades, PCWA and the City have been constructing new facilities, including water distribution pipelines and storage tanks, to increase the volume of treated surface water that PCWA can provide to the City to meet anticipated future demands. These new facilities are collectively known as the Penryn-Lincoln Pipeline. The total project cost was approximately $8.4 million. 

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Willows Contract City Engineer, Development Review

Contract City Engineer, Development Review City of Willows, California Since 2008, Coastland | DCCM has been under contract with the City of Willows for City Engineering services. Coastland | DCCM has provided staff augmentation, program/project management and design, funding assistance, CIP management and studies, development review and conditioning, plan and map review, emergency response, Pavement Management Program (PMP) updates, city surveyor, construction management and inspection, coordination with Caltrans, traffic studies and design, coordination with Glenn County Transportation Commission, presentations to City Council, jurisdictional agency coordination and public relations. 

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Wheatland Contract City Engineer

Contract City Engineer City of Wheatland, California Coastland | DCCM services to Wheatland involve all aspects of city engineering. As contract City Engineer since 2008, Coastland | DCCM manages all public works, maintenance and public facilities projects. Services include staff augmentation / on-site support, program / project management and design, funding assistance, CIP management and studies, pavement management program development, development services and reviews, construction management and inspection, coordination with Caltrans, presentations to the City Council, and more.

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GIS Development Services

GIS Development Services City of Piedmont, California Coastland | DCCM integrated storm water and sanitary systems utility data the City of Piedmont had generated over the past several years and developed an online WebGIS portal for the City. The new GIS system includes a wide variety of information on sewer, storm drain, water (from EBMUD), striping, parks, topography, recent aerial imagery, parcel data, bus routes, as-built construction plans and more, that can be easily accessed by the City’s public works crews and other personnel via electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets and laptops.  Coastland | DCCM updates the database as needed to ensure the GIS system reflects accurate information. 

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