Our Future

Coastland Joins DCCM

In 2021 Coastland joined the family of companies operated by DCCM, a national provider of design, consulting, and program / construction management services based in Houston, Texas.   This partnership offers Coastland an opportunity to access a diverse set of capabilities, national support, and increased resources from the DCCM family of companies. 

We are excited about this new affiliation and want to reassure our valued clients and partners that we are still the same people you have worked with over the years.  Coastland will remain the same local company our clients have known for the last 30 years, but will have access to a number of additional resources, if needed, through our partner companies.  We will continue to work hard to maintain the trust you’ve placed in us. 

The Coastland | DCCM partnership will benefit our clients and staff in many ways, including:

  • Access to additional resources, services and connections
  • Enhanced mentorship opportunities and career growth opportunities for our staff
  • The ability to handle a wider range of projects