New Staff

Coastland continues to grow to keep pace with the needs of our clients and communities.  The following is an introduction to the people hired recently.

Tony Fisher

Construction Manager

Tony has over 22 years of experience in the construction and real estate industries.  Prior to joining Coastland, Tony served as project and construction manager on various water, wastewater and building facilities. His experience includes pump stations, pipelines, waste treatment buildings and semi conductor treatment and supply systems.  He received his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Environmental Resources Engineering with a focus on Water and Wastewater Treatment and Geotechnology.

At Coastland, Tony’s first assignments have included engineering assistance and construction management for several municipal clients including the cities of Belmont and Piedmont for sewer line replacement and paving maintenance projects.

Kenneth Swenson, PE

Supervising Engineer

Ken joins Coastland after 35 years of service in the industry.  His experience includes the design of water, sewer, storm drainage and transportation for municipalities, schools and hospitals.  Throughout his career he has managed numerous projects related to water resources, water system modeling, storage reservoirs, tanks and water storage and distribution pump stations. He has also administered several pavement rehabilitation projects, intersection reconfigurations, utility replacement and land development projects for various cities throughout Northern California. 

His first assignments at Coastland include capital improvement and plan check projects for the City of American Canyon, Bodega Bay PUD and the City of Piedmont.  Coastland is honored to welcome Ken and expand the skills of our Engineering Department in Pleasant Hill!  

Jennifer Melman, PE, QSD/QSP

Senior Engineer

Jennifer brings over 15 years of experience in the industry with expertise in hydrology, hydraulics, bridges, roadways, and storm water quality improvements.  She has managed and designed a wide variety of public improvement projects, including community sewer pump station designs, community sewer water system improvements, municipal well improvements, flood control and stormwater system improvements.  Jennifer also has extensive experience in creek restoration, constructed wetlands and pond design, and fish passage improvement.  Her first assignments at Coastland include various District Engineering support services for Bodega Bay PUD and Hidden Valley Lake CSD, and several capital improvement projects for the cities of Calistoga and Healdsburg and the Town of Windsor.  We are honored that she chose to work for Coastland!

Asa Utterback, PE

Senior Engineer

Asa brings over 33 years of professional engineering experience to Coastland’s Auburn office.  He has managed a broad range of infrastructure projects through all phases from planning through construction.  His experience includes capital improvement programming, project management, design (full PS&E development) and construction management. His areas of specialty include pavement, complete streets, water and recycled water distribution and sewer collection system (wastewater and storm) rehabilitation and expansion.   His first assignments at Coastland include various capital improvement projects for the cities of Biggs, Lincoln, Piedmont and Wheatland.  It’s an honor to welcome Asa and expand the skills of our Engineering Department in Auburn!